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August 17, 2019
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Caravanning & camping
Caravanning & camping  
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Caravans, The Illustrated History 1919-1959

Caravans, The Illustrated History 1919-1959

By Andrew Jenkinson
About the Author

96 Pages

ISBN: 9781903706824

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- Caravanning is a hugely popular hobby - the Caravan Club has nearly 300,000 members.
- The first in-depth book published in 25 years on caravans and the caravan industry.
- Tells the story of the development of the trailer caravan from 1919 to 1959. A second volume will cover 1960 to date.
- The author has 28 years' experience in the caravan industry.
- Coverage includes many of the less well-known makes and designs.


New paperback edition of the history of Britain's trailer caravan industry and its incredibly diverse products in the formative years of this extremely popular hobby.


A detailed account of how the British caravan industry developed in its first 30 years and - from Alcock to Winchester - of the caravans it produced. The designs in this period ran the full gamut from weird to wonderful, but all contributed to the caravan's evolution. This book provides a nostalgic trip to the past for caravan enthusiasts; it also serves as a record of the industry's fledgling years and as a useful work of reference.


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