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October 23, 2019
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Three Wheelers

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Three Wheelers

Three Wheelers

By Malcolm Bobbitt
About the Author

Hardback. 205x190mm (8x7-1/2in) landscape. 96 artpaper pages. 150 photographs, many in colour.

ISBN: 9781903706817

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Models covered: Walton, 1902-6; Morgan, 1909-39; AC 1910-4; BSA, 1930-6; Coventry-Victor, 1928-38; Raleigh Safety Seven, 1933-6; Bond, 1949-70; Fuldamobil, 1951-69; Reliant 1951-date; AC Petite, 1953-58; Messerschmitt, 1953-64; Isetta, 1953-62; Gordon, 1954-68; Velorex, 1954-71; Berkeley, 1957-60; Heinkel/Trojan, 1957-65; Coronet, 1957-60; Scootacar, 1958-65; Peel, 1962-6; Bond 875, 1965-70; Bond Bug, 1970-74; Bamby, 1983-4; Piaggio, 1990-date; Lomax, 1983-date; Blackjack, approx1998-date


The third book in Veloce's new Those were the days ... series, which takes a nostalgic look at times past.


Three wheelers have played an intrinsic part in the history of the motor vehicle. From Aero Morgans to the Coventry Victor, BSA and Reliant, three wheelers had their place in motor sport as well as providing essential transport for thousands of families. A nostalgic look back at the fascinating and often weird world of the three wheeled car.

Independent Reviews

'Three Wheelers offers a decent historical overview from early three-wheeled bicycles and motorcycles to 21st century prototypes ...back in the day, owning and racing a Morgan Runabout was most likely a bundle of fun, but for a family, owning and driving a severely cramped Reliant or Bond was a choice grounded in necessity rather than in fun and pleasure ... Three Wheelers does not shy away from this idea, thereby contributing to social history as well as automotive nostalgia, consequently adding to the book’s overall merit.'
The Flying Lady

'When I think of three-wheelers, I normally think of Morgan who made theirs from before WW1 up until the following conflict, However, this charming publication opens our eyes to the fact that there were many three-wheeled vehicles available on the market. Auto-Carrier, Raleigh, Cambro, DKW and BSA are just a few. Where the book excels is the post WW2 period when so many people became motorists for the first time through the plethora of available economical three-wheelers. The prolific Malcolm Bobbitt takes us through the better-known vehicles such as Bond, Reliant, AC, Messerschmitt and Isetta, Less well-known vehicles included are the Fuldamobile, Gordon, Scootacar and the smallest of the lot, the Peel. We are taken right through to the modern day when three-wheelers are still available in Europe.
It's a fun book not only for the mini car enthusiast but also for anyone with an interest in automotive eccentricities. I could be easily persuaded to add a Berkeley to my garage of classic cars.'
Australian Classic Car


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