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November 19, 2019
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The Complete Catalogue of British Cars 1895-1975

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The Complete Catalogue of British Cars 1895-1975

The Complete Catalogue of British Cars 1895-1975

By David Culshaw, Peter Horrobin

Hardback · 215 x 280mm (portrait) · 496 pages · Over 1000 photographs.

ISBN: 9781874105930

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- Over 1000 photographs.
- 3700 individual car models.
- Large format hardback with 496 pages.
- TERRIFIC value for money.
- A MUST HAVE for every car enthusiast's library.
- Revised and updated reprint of a long out of print classic - the British car Bible.
- Catalogues all of the cars built in Britain from the dawn of the industry to 1975. Many of these vehicles are now prized and collectible veteran, vintage and classic cars.


The most comprehensive record of British cars in a single volume. Covers nearly 700 manufacturers and some 3700 models.


The British car Bible. Revised and updated reprint of a long out of print classic - the famous "Culshaw & Horrobin". Catalogues all of the cars built in Britain from the dawn of the industry to 1975. Many of these vehicles are now prized and collectible veteran, vintage and classic cars.

The most comprehensive account of British cars ever published in one volume, this book presents a huge amount of information - historical as well as technical - in a way which will serve the needs of the dedicated enthusiast, automotive historian and the general reader.

Nearly 700 manufacturers and some 3700 individual models are covered - including technical specification for most cars. A wide selection of photographs feature all of the major marques and many of the minor ones.

Independent Reviews

Review from Jaguar magazine, Edition 133, December 2007

This is a fantastic book – but one which comes right out of left field. That's because it is untouched from when last published in 1975, and as such is a time warp in terms of style and content . However, that doesn't take away from what is undoubtedly a classic encyclopaedia covering all British cars built between 1895 and 1975.

Authors David Culshaw and Peter Horrobin have put a truly breathtaking amount of work into this almost 500 page book. They have listed every possible British road registerable car built in that eighty year period, and have created a table for each model to provide details of their basic specifications.

Better still, they also created a biography for each and every marque, and that is fascinating and priceless when it comes to building a pool of knowledge.

The strangeness comes from the fact that every picture is reproduced in black and white, the quality is clearly thirty years old and many of the pictures are credited to now non-existent businesses including British Leyland – which dominates in the book – but which effectively killed many of those proud 'brands'.

The number of photographs is very generous and many very rare cars are included. There are plenty we haven't encountered before including James and Browne, Vale, Vulcan, Warren-Lambert, Weigel and More. The breadth of this book is simply astounding, and the authors have added a new foreword which runs alongside the original. This book will be prized in any library and is a fabulous and entertaining reference work.

Review from Model Collector magazine, January 2007

This will be a welcome addition to every car enthusiast's library. It's a revised version of the book first published in 1974. There are over 1,000 photographs featuring 3,700 individual car types from almost 700 different manufacturers.

Review by David Traver Adolphus for Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car, December 2006

Out of print since the mid-1980s, Veloce has now re-released an updated and revised new edition, which still preserves the character of the original.

And Culshaw and Horrobin are all about character. Yes, it does provide vital technical and historical data on almost 700 manufacturers and over 3,700 models, and includes over 1,000 photographs in its 496 pages, but it's that character that makes The Complete Catalogue stand out.

The historical perspective is not limited to the individual marque under consideration, but includes an often-humorous look at society, the industry and state of automobile
development at the time. Culshaw and Horrobin are unabashed in their appreciation of certain cars, as well as their dislike of others. Written with unfailing style and good cheer, it makes for a hugely entertaining book, one we find ourselves picking up and reading just for the sheer pleasure of discovering the Sizaire-Berwicks, Brookes, Trojans and Maiflowers of Britain's wonderful, often idiosyncratic, first 80 years of car making.

Review from Classic Car Mart, December 2006

Ever felt that your classic car knowledge was lacking somewhat? Or would you just like a book that holds information about every British car built from 1895-1975?

David Culshaw & Peter Horrobin have worked together to produce that very thing and have just released an updated and revised version of their already popular book

It allows the reader to extract information from nearly 700 car manufacturers and then delve into 3700 individual models and the facts, figures and history available are colossal.

Culshaw & Horrobin's efforts have recorded British automotive history and put it into one book, an achievement in itself.

So if you would like to research the once-thriving British motor industry, this book is one to jot down on the Christmas wish list.

Review from The Automobile magazine, December 2006

Back in the days when Lionel Burrell and I were running Classic Cars, one of the most useful instant reference books was this catalogue, which had been published in 1974. While Georgano’s Encylopaedia is much more detailed in the evolution of the models and companies, this one has more illustrations and provides a specification table covering most of each company’s four-wheeled petrol-driven models. Veloce states; ‘Nearly 700 manufacturers and some 3700 individual models are covered.’ British only, of course, and up to 1975, when it was still easy enough to decide which of the newer models was actually British.

The volume is broken down into Parts 1 and 2 and Appendices. Part 1 makes up the first 360 pages and includes those produced in reasonable quantities. Part 2 (92 pages) is for those with low production numbers or those for which photographs weren’t available. In the Appendices you can find brief information on light cars, cyclecars, prototypes, three-wheelers, steam cars, electric cars, illustrated coachwork definitions and period addresses for all the manufacturers.

I am very pleased this has now been reprinted. It makes a good companion volume to the Georgano books and is somewhat easier to lift.

Review by Mike R for Classics Monthly, November 2006
UK magazine

"'Complete' can be a bold claim to make, but this book seems to have included everything we can think of and a whole lot more ..."

Review from Old Cars Weekly, October 2006
US magazine

Fans of cars hailing from "across the pond" will delight over the "Complete Catalogue of British Cars:1895-1975.” As can be guessed from the spelling in the title, this book was published in England, and who better than those living in that country to share the details of the cars that drove on England's roads?

This book is actually a reprinted version of a book by authors David Culshaw and Peter Horrobin that has not been available for more than 20 years, and in the meantime, it's been updated with more information. Every marque, from AC to Woodrow and everything between, including Ford models available in England, is covered by abbreviated histories of the company and photographs of the company's cars. At 500 pages, this hardcover book is heavy and thorough.

Review from New Zealand Classic Car

Well, this isn’t exactly bedtime reading: partly because it’s too big and partly because it’s more a work of reference that you can dip into and learn plenty.

In fact, this is a Veloce Classic Reprint Series book that reproduces a title first published in 1974, revised once and reprinted a number of times since. Obviously a popular book, then, in which there’s an ongoing interest, though you are stuck with a rather arbitrary ‘finish date’: no attempt has been made to extend the book’s coverage beyond ‘73. It’s been nicely produced on glossy paper and has over 1000 b&w photos and coverage of some 3700 different models.

And there are some real gems. Although the book contains tons of model specs the sheer variety they represent is fascinating. I can’t believe how many different models some of the obscure marques offered: you’d expect there to be a lot of, say, Daimlers or Triumphs or Morrises, but Crossley produced 22 different models and there were 34 Belsizes and 39 Swifts! So, if you want to know the wheelbase of a 1911 GN De Luxe, or the maximum revs for an L2 model Connaught, it’s all in here.

Even though it is very much a reference book, there’s enough in the text to give you a good idea of the marque’s model developments, and some of it can be quite forthright. For instance, the Burney’s aerodynamics were well ahead of their day “but at the speeds of which the cars were capable, this was merely of academic interest”. And the Mini Marcos “was not noted for its stylishness, being unpleasantly proportioned”.

The structure of the book is a bit confusing with separate parts for major manufacturers, smaller manufacturers, and then appendices on 3-wheeled cars, electric and steam cars- so you seem to go through the alphabet a few times.

Still, I found this book more enjoyable than I’d expected. There’s so much information and yet it’s not indigestible: an enthusiast for British cars of this period is bound to enjoy this one.


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