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May 22, 2019
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Red & Soviet military & paramilitary services: female uniforms 1941-1991 (officer and enlisted personnel)

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Red & Soviet military & paramilitary services: female uniforms 1941-1991 (officer and enlisted personnel)
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By Adrian Streather
About the Author

Paperback • 20x24cm • 128 pages • 271 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845840-67-9

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• Precise overview of the various official Soviet uniform regulations
• Well researched history of all Soviet women’s uniform types
• Details of all uniform types worn by all officers from 1941 to 1991
• Tables listing trim and embroidery colours used for identification and recognition, as well as official identification mounting methods for uniforms
• Comprehensive buyer’s guide and buyer’s tips throughout
• Includes changes in uniform issue procedures and methods when women were promoted
• Many period photographs and illustrations
• Includes an extensive overview of the whole rank identification system
• Over 150 colour and black and white images
• Reveals how even in deep peril the Soviet male hierarchy remained sexist and suspicious of women serving in combat


This book covers all uniforms issued and worn by female officers and enlisted personnel from 1941 to 1991. It features a well researched and illustrated history cataloguing each type of uniform produced, the period it was approved in, and how it was made.


Collecting uniforms of the Soviet Union is fairly new, because the Soviet regime did not collapse until December 1991. This book picks up the story of the women in Soviet military and paramilitary uniform that came into service in 1941, and takes the reader all the way through to 1991.
Extensive effort has been made by the author to include every possible detail relating to Soviet women’s uniforms in all military and paramilitary services. Translated tables providing an extensive look at rank, service and Corps identification have been included.
The book features an extensive amount of information for the collector of Soviet women’s uniforms – not just through photographs and illustrations, but by providing buyer’s tips and important information to help identify originals from reproductions. There are no illegal fakes around, because the Soviet Union never had any copyright laws in this area, but there are many new items on the market which are being passed off as original, like those produced by TV, film and theatre suppliers, and this book will help the discerning collector spot the difference.


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