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October 16, 2019
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Positive thinking for Piglets: A Horace & Nim Story


Positive thinking for Piglets: A Horace & Nim Story

By Chantal Bourgonje & David Hoskins
About the Author

Hardback • 20.5x20.5cm • £6.99 • 32 pages • 37 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-787115-16-3

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• A feelgood story about friendship and growing up
• How positive thinking can pay off
• … how, even if you want something really badly, just wishing for it probably won’t be enough
• … how striving for something works better than wishing (but not always)
• … how a chore shared with friends can be fun. And delicious!
• … how you don’t always end up getting what you deserve, but smiling through disappointment helps
• A modern day parable for young readers
• A tough life lesson told with humour and a happy ending
• A great introduction to metaphysics for the precocious four to six year old!
• A beautifully illustrated story that both adults and young children will love


Is anything really possible if you want it badly enough? Kay the piglet has to learn some frustrating life lessons in this delightful book from the Horace & Nim series.


When cool cousin Reg tells Kay that she can have anything she wants, if she wants it badly enough, Kay is not totally convinced, but she gives it a try. Sure enough, getting her heart’s desire (a freshly-baked acorn pie) proves more than a little frustrating.
Kay learns that you don’t always get what you work hard for, but smiling through the disappointment can produce surprisingly good results! And having really good friends helps, too!
A beautifully illustrated story book for young children, featuring woodland characters from Chantal Bourgonje’s Horace & Nim series, this is sure to delight readers of all ages.

Additional Information

This is picture book for young children. It's a fun story for both children and their parents to enjoy. One of the ‘Horace & Nim’ series, it hopes to encourage compassion for others, enjoyment of doing things together and friendship.
A modern day parable with important life lessons, as well as an enjoyable story.
A beautiful book to treasure, with original illustrations.


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