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July 20, 2019
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Indigo Warriors: The Adventure Begins!


Indigo Warriors: The Adventure Begins!

By Catherine James
About the Author

Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • 152 pages • 8 colour and b&w pictures

ISBN: 978-1-787114-30-2

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• The story of six children who meet on a bus and decide to take on the world
• The young friends are tired of the cruelty, greed and destruction they see and experience
• Can the group find a way to change the things they are opposed to?
• Peter, Josh, Noah, Angela, Jet and Polly call themselves ‘The Indigo Warriors’
• A ‘Manifesto for a Better Life’ is created to get their message across
• The children learn, by trial and error, how to take positive action – and the adventure begins!
• Their campaign is challenging, and sometimes dangerous, dealing with the law, an angry farmer and a criminal gang
• Jet’s guardian angel is a guiding light, and helps out in times of trouble
• The story of six children who find that they really do have the power to change the world
• An inspirational, empowering story for children


An exciting action romp, exploring environmental destruction, homelessness, politics, animal welfare, and disability, as six ordinary children battle to promote kindness and compassion over cruelty and greed.


An exciting action romp, exploring environmental issues, homelessness, politics, animal welfare and ‘disability’ as six children battle to promote kindness and compassion over cruelty and greed, assisted by a hapless guardian angel.
When they meet on a school bus, Polly, Angela, Peter, Noah, Josh and Jet decide to join forces and set out to help planet Earth and its inhabitants: human and non-human. Calling themselves the Indigo Warriors, they have meetings, argue a lot, often come to wrong conclusions, and find themselves in danger at the hands of a criminal gang.
Struggling to decide whose cause matters most, they distil their ideas into a ‘Manifesto for a Better Life’ but can they get their manifesto to the people who matter … the politicians?

Additional Information

Children are Earth’s future custodians. Their natural compassion must be encouraged.
A fun action romp exploring social, political and environmental issues.
Ethically aware, empowered children, battling for compassion and kindness over greed.
Specially-commissioned illustrations


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