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October 23, 2019
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The Adventures of Lily: And the Little Lost Doggie


The Adventures of Lily: And the Little Lost Doggie

By Laura Hamilton
About the Author

Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • 72 pages • 32 colour and b&w pictures

ISBN: 978-1-787114-18-0

£ 7.99 Postage + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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Chapter Titles Sample Text


• Lily heard what her human mummy couldn't: a tiny voice crying "Help!"
• Where was the owner of this little lost doggie?
• The little lost doggie couldn't remember anything; not even his own name
• What would happen if Doggie's owner came? What if his owner didn't?
• Lily's human mummy tried hard to find Doggie's owner
• They tied the little lost doggie to a lamppost to be found
• Doggie felt himself being torn from the lamppost and hurled onto the ground
• Doggie had been bullied. How could they stop the bully?
• Newspaper reporters, photographers and TV crews arrived – especially to congratulate Doggie!
• Doggie finds himself at Buckingham Palace! For an award! From Prince George!


Doggie was found by Lily, the Golden Retriever, under a hedge. Though unloved, unclaimed and even bullied while unable to defend himself, Doggie found his world wonderfully changed by fabulous friends and amazing adventures that took him, with Lily and his new forever family, to Buckingham Palace to be rewarded for helping others.


A heart-warming story for children, this is a tale of friendship, bravery and kindness. Lily, a Golden Retriever, finds toy Doggie lost and alone under a hedge. Trying to find Doggie’s owner, Lily’s human mummy, Anne, ties Doggie to a lamppost where, she hopes, his owner will see him. But Doggie waits unclaimed for days. He is even bullied on the lamppost. He finds some of the nighttime animals who visit him on the lamppost frightening, until they begin to help him feel loved.
After Anne takes him off the lamppost and into her home with Lily and and her mum, Pilot, he has such amazing adventures that he finds himself the star attraction at school when he joins Lily for her Pets As Therapy Read2Dogs assignments. For his compassionate part in helping animals have lives that matter, he quickly becomes a media celebrity, and is even rewarded by royalty at Buckingham Palace.
Many characters and events in Doggie’s story are real, as the photos show. Charming, original illustrations by the author seamlessly blend reality and fantasy. Doggie’s story, with Lily, Pilot and Anne, shows the value of love and friendship.

Additional Information

The story of a little lost toy dog, how he was rescued, saved from bullying, and eventually rewarded.
Reality and fantasy seamlessly blend the heart-warming story and lovable characters through photos and charming illustrations drawn by the author.
Original illustrations from the author, with photos of real characters.


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