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November 14, 2019
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The dog who came in from the wild

By Lisa Tenzin-Dolma
About the Author

17x22cm • 112 pages • 50 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845847-84-5

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• The successful socialisation of a true feral dog is rare
• Research into the socialisation of feral dogs has only recently begun
• Charlie had previously had no close interaction with people
• Lisa’s success in rehabilitating Charlie was due to earning his trust
• Charlie reminded Lisa of the intrinsic wild nature within us all
• The historic bond between humans and dogs is immensely powerful
• Charlie’s serious fear and aggression issues were healed through positive methods
• Understanding dog ‘language’ and communicating effectively was vital
• Lisa’s mentor dog, Skye, was crucial to Charlie’s rehabilitation
• The love between Lisa and Charlie triumphed over all his issues


The heart-warming true story of how one-eyed Charlie went from traumatised feral dog to joyful family member.

The true story of a bond that developed between author Lisa Tensin-Dolma, and Charlie – a traumatised, one-eyed, Romanian dog who lived the first 18 months of his life in the wild, never socialising with humans. Charting Charlie’s progress and setbacks, it explains how Lisa worked with Charlie to help him overcome his extreme fearfulness.


One cold February night, a terrified feral dog was carried into the author’s home, and began a very different life to everything he had previously known. This is the true story of the extraordinary bond that developed between Lisa and Charlie, a one-eyed Romanian feral dog, who had lived wild until he was captured and sent to the UK to be homed. Unused to the presence of people, Charlie had no coping skills other than to follow his instincts. Although Lisa had worked with many deeply troubled dogs, the challenges posed by Charlie’s background were unique. Wild, fearful and highly reactive, more wolf than dog, Charlie needed a great deal of understanding, patience and compassion in order to help him adjust to his new life. 

Despite numerous obstacles and setbacks, the developing relationship between Charlie and Lisa, and  Lisa’s daughter, Amber, and resident dog, Skye, transformed all of their lives. Charlie’s gradual shift from fearful feral  to happy, affectionate, fun-loving family dog is touching and heart-warming, and clearly demonstrates the transformative power of love and kindness.

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Additional Information

The only autobiographical account of life with a true feral dog, and written by an author who has a professional understanding of dog psychology and behavior.

Offers a way for owners to gain a useful and practical insight in to how to help their own fearful or anxious dogs.

With the first research study into the domestication of feral dogs currently taking place in Italy, this book offers a useful contribution towards a better understanding of dogs and dog behaviour.


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