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July 16, 2018
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Gymnastricks – Targeted muscle training for dogs


Gymnastricks – Targeted muscle training for dogs

By Carmen Mayer
About the Author

HH4774 • Paperback • 20.5x20.5cm • 96 pages • 125 colour pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845847-74-6

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• Fun-to-do exercises which help keep dogs active and healthy
• Overview of which muscle group is targeted by which exercise
• Easy step-by-step instructions
• Teaches body awareness skills
• Suitable for young, old and sporting dogs
• Includes warm up and cool down exercises
• No special equipment needed
• Physical and mental stimulation (clicker training)
• Includes exercises for beginners and advanced dogs
• Provides variety in canine physiotherapy and trick training


A unique programme which combines clever tricks with exercises to keep your dog fit. Target and exercise specific muscle groups, and teach useful body awareness skills to your young, old or sporting dog. A physical and mental workout results from training that is supported by the hands-off clicker methods used to teach these unique Gymnastricks.


Gymnastricks is a unique programme that combines effective exercises to help keep your dog healthy with fun-to-do tricks for you both to enjoy.
Your dog’s fitness will be increased and his muscles strengthened and kept in shape. You can use Gymnastricks to warm-up your dog before any kind of sport or exercise, and as training for your older or retired dog; as body awareness exercises for your youngster or in order to target a specific group of muscles after an operation.
Each exercise details which muscle group it targets. And the best is: you don’t need special equipment for these exercises, you can start right away! And it’s not only your dog’s body that will be trained, as his mind will be fully engaged, too, when he’s asked to actively engage in this programme. Supported by over 120 full-colour, specially commissioned images, this book offers so many ideas for everyone who wants to increase their dog’s fitness, and have a lot of fun along the way!

Additional Information

Gymnastricks are exercises that provide a huge health benefit for your dog.

This is the first ever book to combine trick training with effective exercises for canine health.

The book includes an overview of which muscle group is specifically targeted by which exercise.


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