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July 18, 2019
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Swim to Recovery: Canine hydrotherapy healing – Gentle Dog care

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Swim to Recovery: Canine hydrotherapy healing – Gentle Dog care
From Veloce's imprint, Hubble & Hattie

By Emily Wong
About the Author

Hardback • 205x205mm • 128 pages • 122 colour and b&w pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845843-41-0

£ 12.99 Postage + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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• One of the few books on the subject
• Explains canine hydrotherapy
• Actual case studies of dogs at the Animal Magic Fitness Centre
• Awareness of alternative/complementary treatments for dogs
• A hydrotherapist at work
• Illustrated anatomy to explain conditions
• Photographs of patients undergoing rehabilitation
• Examines canine health issues, clinical signs, prevention, treatment
• Weight management and fitness

• Examines canine health conditions, clinical signs, prevention, treatment


This book explains canine hydrotherapy as an effective alternative treatment, based on research done at the Animal Magic Hydrotherapy and Fitness Centre. The anatomy and physiology of dogs is examined, as well as the treatment and management of certain medical conditions, with real life case studies provided to demonstrate hydrotherapy’s positive effects. The book also focuses on the use of underwater treadmills for rehabilitation of patients and weight management.


This unique book explores canine hydrotherapy, rehabilitation and weight management, and how these can improve your dog’s well-being.
In the early twentieth century, the use of hydrotherapy was extended from man, to man’s best friend: the beloved dog. A type of aquatic exercise, hydrotherapy can help prevent and treat medical problems and pre-/post-operative conditions. It can also be used for rehabilitation and maintaining health and fitness.
Obesity is one of the most common issues that domestic dogs face today, and this book brings awareness to the matter, suggesting preventative measures and simple husbandry tips that you, the owner, can use to safeguard your dog’s welfare.
Hydrotherapy and weight management programs have brought a genius invention to the dog world – the underwater treadmill – and case studies from Animal Magic Hydrotherapy and Fitness Centre are used here to support evidence of its effectiveness. Supplemented by illustrations and colour photographs, this book is ideal for all dog owners.

Independent Reviews

Swim to Recovery is very well presented book. It is very informative and the author very knowledgeable. It was particularly good about the ailments and conditions that hydrotherapy can treat and improve. 17.1.2013


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