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August 18, 2019
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Dinner with Rover – Delicious, nutritious meals for you and your dog to share

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Dinner with Rover – Delicious, nutritious meals for you and your dog to share
From Veloce's imprint: Hubble & Hattie

By Helena Paton-Ayre
About the Author

Paperback • 21x21cm • 144 pages • 109 colour illustrations

ISBN: 978-1-845843-13-7

£ 5.99 Postage + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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• A truly unique recipe book: share breakfast, diner or lunch with your canine friend
• Delicious, healthy recipes for you and your dog
• Tried and tested by Rambo and his friends
• People food and dog food for special occasions
• Keep your pet healthy by improving diet
• Keep your pet safe by knowing which food is poisonous for dogs
• Save money by cooking good dog food in bulk
• Conveniently freeze bulk dog food for months ahead
• Have more energy for long walks
• You and your pet will live longer and happier ever after


Share breakfast, lunch or dinner with your canine friend. This book is packed with scrumptious recipes that you and your dog will love! Tried and tested by Rambo and his doggy chums, and approved by a vet for nutritional value, the recipes in this full-colour book will transform mealtimes!


Sharing consciously healthy food with friends and family is very important: now you can include your canine friends.
This book is not a bowl of dry dog pellets: it's practical, interesting, and fun. and features over forty recipes full of colour, flavour and goodness, personally taste-tested by Rambo and his pals.
Mouth-watering colour photos of these delicious dishes are accompanied by anecdotes and funny tales about our faithful companions.
The more serious side of the book warns against those foods that you should not feed to your dog, and takes a good look at dubious commercial dog ‘food,' how it's produced, and what goes into it.
Veterinary expertise ensures that all of the recipes contain the very finest ingredients that you can feed to your best friend.

Independent Reviews

An abundantly, colorfully illustrated recipe book brimming with meals human may concoct, serve and share with their dogs ... All recipes are depicted by superb photos. The text is also interspersed with delightful shots of canine diners.
A special Christmas gift for gourmets and their canine table guests.
Geelong Obedience Dog Club

This is a unique recipe book packed with scrumptious recipes that you and your dog will love. Have you often wondered which meals you can share with your canine friend without poisoning them? This book has the answers!
Four Shires

If your dog watches every mouthful you eat, longing to try it for himself, [this] new book might bring an end to those sorrowful, pleading eyes. The book's pages are full of recipes from a cooked breakfast and a panini lunch to lasagne, moussaka and pizzas with subtle adaptions so the food is better for you dog.
Herfordshire Life

Packed with tasty treats that both you and your dog can share, you might want to make a doggy seat at the table.
Wiltshire Life

Canine cookbook containing mouth-watering recipes for your dog to share with you (if he'll allow you to), endorsed by a vet and with some helpful nutritional advice.
Your Dog

The dog's dinner just got gourmet.
Pet People

The perfect gift for the experimental chef in your life.
Dogs NSW


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