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November 15, 2019
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Winston ... the dog who changed my life

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Winston ... the dog who changed my life
From Veloce's imprint: Hubble & Hattie. Originally £9.99

By Hilmar Klute
About the Author

Hardback • 12x18cm • 160 pages

ISBN: 978-1-845842-74-1

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• Winston was a puppy found abandoned, tethered to a gravestone in a city cemetary
• The true story of how a non-dog lover unexpectedly became a dog owner
• Experience the strange, new and unfamiliar world of dogs and their owners from a complete newcomer's perspective
• A charming and irreverent story
• Reveals some surprising truths about the relationship between dog and man
• Casts a critical eye over the professional 'dog whisperer’
• Will appeal to many kinds of reader: those who know nothing about dogs, those who love dogs, and perhaps even those who cannot stand dogs!


The touching story of how the author rather unexpectedly becomes a dog owner when his wife returns home with a puppy that she finds abandoned and tied to a cemetary headstone. Winston quickly takes over the life and home of his new owner – introducing him to a completely new world in the process!


Hilmar Klute tells the touching story of how he unexpectedly became a dog owner the day his wife came home with Winston, a puppy she finds abandoned in a city cemetary.
The new arrival in Hilmar's life is soon peeing on his parquet floor and chewing his glasses, cushions, telephone cable – and pretty much everything in sight! Winston wrecks the apartment and keeps Hilmar awake at night, but the dog also opens up a new world to Hilmar; of which he was previously blissfully unaware.
Without a clue about how to deal with a puppy, Hilmar tries to make some sense of the unfamiliar territory of the dog park, where people seem to think of themselves more as members of a pack than of society. He soon finds himself studying the dog owners themselves, and casting a critical eye over the services of the professional ‘dog whisperer.’
Hilmar’s attempts to return his world to normal disclose some surprising truths about the relationship between man and dog, and this charming and irreverent book has much to tell us about the weaknesses of both species, and ultimately their strengths, too.

Independent Reviews

"... all in all, a delightful book that would make a lovely present ..." - Dog Training Weekly

"An enchanting story ..." – Graham Ball, The Daily Express

"Humorous musings about life with an unwanted but very much loved Bull Terrier, rescued after being abandoned in a cemetery as a puppy." – Your Dog

Customer reviews from PetStreet:

"Winston is a great book I'm only a couple of chapters in but loving it already ... this little book is a great buy for Christmas ... now all i have to do is stop my mum from stealing my book."

"Thank you for the funny sad book called Winston - I was laughing & crying why reading this book, it is one of the best books I have read in a long time."

Customer reviews from Amazon:

"If you've never been owned by a Bull Terrier before, this book will give you a VERY good idea of what to expect. If Bullies have been in your life before, you'll probably be nodding in agreement. Either way, you will be smiling. This is a delightful book and our purchase was serendipitous - we have our very own Winston Bull Terrier, who is uncannily like the Winston of the title (so how could I resist the purchase?). Winston is something else - a challenge, frustrating, rewarding, incredibly loving and utterly sure that the world revolves around him. Oh yes, and so does our Winston."

"This book is a light, funny read. As an owner of a rescued English Bull Terrier, I can totally relate. This book made me laugh & cry. It also made me want to go out & rescue another one and/or continue to volunteer to rescue & find good homes for these misunderstood very sweet dogs."


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