Porsche 930 to 935
The Turbo Porsches

27th March 2018
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Porsche 930 to 935

The Turbo Porsches

A Veloce Classic Reprint
In 1974, to rave reviews, Porsche produced the 930/911 Turbo to the public and set off on a new road. At the same time, the governing body of motorsport introduced a new “silhouette” formula to sports car racing. Thus the immortal 934 and 935 were born.

This book tells the story of the 911 Turbo and its racing cousins, from the 1974 2.1-liter RSR Turbo Carrera to the tube-framed 750 horsepower final variants of the 935. These are the cars which still bring a gleam of pleasure to any of the drivers lucky enough to have sampled their enormous power and, sometimes, their wayward handling!

Porsche 930 to 935: The Turbo Porsches by John Starkey

ISBN: 9781787112469
UPC: 6-36847-01246-5


£50, $80 USA

• The complete story of the Porsche 930, RSR Turbo Carrera, 934 & 935 cars
• Full development history given for each model
• Details of individual chassis histories
• Background history of the International racing scene in the 70s and 80s
• Includes alternative models such as the Baby 935, and the Kremer Brothers’ K3
• Details of all the “Specials”

John Starkey is a self-confessed racing fanatic, has owned many different sports cars, and has competed in hill-climbs, rallies and vintage sports car races since the 1960s.
Originally from the UK, John now lives in Florida, where he runs a race-car business, and works as a consultant, researcher and author. He has written a number of other automotive books including Porsche 911 R RS RSR, Ferrari 250GT “Tour de France, ”Lola – The Illustrated History 1957-1977, and Lola – All The Sports Racing & Single-seater Racing Cars 1978-1997, all published by Veloce.
Place of birth: Birmingham, UK • Hometown: S. Pasadena • Nearest city: Tampa, Florida, USA

V5246 • Hardback • 23.114x20.828cm • £50 • 304 pages • 252 pictures • ISBN: 978-1-787112-46-9 • UPC: 6-36847-01246-5
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