Making a Morgan
17 days of craftmanship: step-by-step from specification sheet to finished car

12th July 2018
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Making a Morgan

17 days of craftmanship: step-by-step from specification sheet to finished car – new in paperback

New in paperback!

Morgan’s way of producing cars is unique. In this day and age, the company still makes use of real craftsmanship in every aspect of building its characterful cars, and every Morgan can be made to a bespoke specification to suit the individual customer’s wishes.

In Making a Morgan, the reader accompanies a very traditional model, a Morgan Plus 4, through every step of its build, from customer specification sheet to finished car – a process that, in this instance, takes 17 days.

During their stay in Malvern, the authors spent every day at the Pickersleigh Road factory and, in doing so, established a real rapport with the the Morgan craftsmen and craftswomen. A rapport that allows this book to present a truly intimate portrait of the individuals who so proudly build Morgans, and the painstaking way they go about their work.

Featuring some 380 images, including a range of archive photos from the Morgan factory, this is a rare overview of a unique, and very British, manufacturing tradition.

Never before in over 100 years of rich history has the Morgan production process been documented in such detail.

Making a Morgan by Andreas Hensing

ISBN: 9781787113695
UPC: 6-36847-01369-1


£30.00 (UK), $50.00 (US), $65.00 (CAN)

• New in paperback!
• An incredible journey beginning in the Chassis Shop of the factory
• 17 days from specification sheet to finished car
• Every detail of the build recorded in words and pictures
• Meet Morgan’s craftsmen and apprentices
• Discover how generations of the same families have built Morgans
• Be amazed at age-old techniques used to shape wooden frames
• See the skill in traditional panel beating and rolling
• Understand what makes Morgans and the Morgan factory so special

Andreas Hensing began his career as a Naval Officer, including a period studying social science and HR Management at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg. He later found work as HR Manager at Axel Springer Publishing House, eventually spending 25 years as a consultant in media industries. Andreas took his first steps in media production in the mid-’90s, writing and producing corporate films for industry.

In 2011, Andreas and his wife, Dagmar, founded their own small publishing house (Hanseatischer Buchverlag), producing self-written books about Morgan, plus several classic cars calenders. Since 2014, they have launched two blogs – and They also write articles about classic cars for magazines.

Andreas and Dagmar live in Hamburg, Germany.

Place of birth: Hamburg • Hometown: Hamburg • Nearest city: Hamburg

V5369 • Paperback • 27.075x22.8cm • £30 • 160 pages • 380 pictures • ISBN: 978-1-787113-69-5 • UPC: 6-36847-01369-1
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