Kawasaki Z1, Z/KZ900 & Z/KZ1000
Enthusiast's Restoration Manual

21st August 2018
Kawaski Z1 Enthusiast
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Kawasaki Z1, Z/KZ900 & Z/KZ1000
Enthusiast's Restoration Manual


This manual is for all owners, would be owners and enthusiasts of the legendary Kawasaki Z1 900, Z/KZ900 and Z1000 built between 1972 and 1980. The book covers the complete restoration of a 1976 KZ900, from the sourcing of the bike to its completion as a fully restored machine. Every area is covered starting with advice on the different models, spares availability, and where best to source a bike to restore. Every area of the restoration is then covered in full detail including the engine, frame, gearbox, wheels, suspension, forks, brakes, ancillaries, bodywork and electrics, accompanied by hundreds of clear colour photos to illustrate the procedures in step-by-step fashion. Additional work on a 1974 Z1A model adds complementary information.

What really sets this manual apart from the everyday however, is the style in which it is written: not as some dull and distant workshop manual but in a friendly, humorous manner by an enthusiast of many years who is able to involve and entertain the reader, as well as guiding them through the restoration process.

This is the third restoration guide from Chris Rooke, whose previous works have been a massive hits with mechanics, enthusiasts and restorers throughout the world.

Kawasaki Z1, Z/KZ900 & Z/KZ1000 by Chris Rooke

ISBN: 9781787111585
UPC: 6-36847-01158-1


£35.00(UK), $60.00(US), $78.00(CAN)

• Covers the complete restoration of a Kawasaki KZ900 and general work on a Z1A
• Very clear and detailed descriptions of each step written in a friendly, informal manner
• Written by an experienced motorcycle enthusiast who understands the problems faced by home restorers
• Hundreds of clear colour photos detail every step
• The author shares his mistakes and the problems he encountered for the benefit of others
• Dismantling and restoration of the engine, frame, forks, wheels, brakes, electrics, bodywork and cycle parts all covered in full detail
• Provides the encouragement and knowledge the home restorer needs, regardless of skill or experience.
• Relevant to all Z1, Z/KZ900 and Z1000 models built between 1972-1980
• Advice given on different models, and which one to choose to restore
• Expert advice delivered in a friendly and accessible manner



Chris was brought up in a mechanical family, inheriting his love of all things mechanical from his father, who was always tinkering with clocks and engines. Where he gained his love of motorcycles from is anyone's guess! His first bikes were a Vespa 125 and a Lambretta SX200 at the tender age of 13, followed by a Raleigh Runabout, and then a Casal moped when he was 16. He purchased a BSA Starfire 250 when he turned 17 – at that time the first bike he'd ever rebuilt that went again afterwards! After a short dalliance with a Suzuki Rebel 350 he bought the love of his life – a 1954 Matchless 350 GLS Heavyweight single that he stripped down and turned into a bobber/chopper, and this remained his sole means of transport for many years. Sadly that bike was stolen, and after rebuilding a Triumph T100 for a friend he purchased a Triumph Bonneville T140, which was duly rebuilt and pressed into service, but later sold to fund a house purchase (familiar story?) and for many years he remained bikeless.
When his fortunes changed for the better he bought an E-type Jaguar 4.2 FHC Series II which he completely restored from the ground up. The whole process took nine years, but as soon as he completed it he had to sell it for financial reasons. Undaunted, he was then able to buy two Triumph Tridents, a 1973 T150V and a 1975 T160 which he completely restored – these are the subject of another of his restoration manuals. He has now turned his attention to one of his most coveted classic motorcycles - the Kawasaki Z1. Having lusted after one for so long he bought two! – a 1974 Z1A and a 1976 KZ900. The complete restoration of the latter and complementary work on the Z1A forms the basis of this real life restoration book.

Place of birth: Oxford • Hometown: Sheffield • Nearest city: Sheffield

V5158 • Paperback • 27x20.7cm • £35 • 224 pages • 794 pictures • ISBN: 978-1-787111-58-5 • UPC: 6-36847-01158-1

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