Ford Design in the UK
70 years of success

11th July 2017
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Ford Design in the UK

70 years of success

Exploring Ford UK’s design studios during the past 70 years, this book provides a unique insight into the company’s history, its UK studio locations, and delves into the lives of the designers, modellers and studio engineers.
As a profession, automotive design has changed hugely over the past century and continues to evolve as new processes are developed. This book charts the development of Ford projects in the UK, particularly those designed in the Dunton studio, which opened in 1967 and is still a key part of Ford’s design resource in Europe. From the early days of chalk drawings and wooden models for the Consul to today’s digital renderings and milled clays for the latest Transit, Ford’s designers and technicians have never been short of creativity. This book tells their story, in their own words.

Ford Design in the UK - 70 years of success by Nick Hull

ISBN: 9781845849863
UPC: 6-36847-04986-7


£45, $70

  • Early Briggs days in Dagenham – the Consul, Zodiac and Classic
  • Cortina, Corsair, Escort and Capri development in the Aveley studio
  • The opening of Dunton and expansion of design activities
  • The problems and politics behind Ford of Europe in the 1960s
  • The eight generations of Ford Transit, 1965 to today
  • The Uwe Bahnsen years – Granada, Sierra, Scorpio and Cargo truck
  • New Edge design and the politics of the 1990s
  • The story behind the Mondeo, Ka and Puma
  • From New Edge to Kinetic Design – the 2000s
  • How current digital design methods have revolutionised the design studio

Nick Hull has over 25 years’ experience as a designer, academic and writer on automotive design. He started his career as a designer at Jaguar, working on the XJ220 and then worked for Honda from 1992-2002, initially heading up the interior design studio in Germany. From 2002 he has taught at Coventry University on the Automotive and Transport Design course. His areas of research include the history of automotive design and the study of proportions in car design.

He is also a contributor to several publications, including Car Design News, its sister publication, Interior Motives magazine, and Jaguar World, and is the author of Jaguar Design - A Story of Style.

Place of birth: Ashford, Kent • Hometown: Bicester • Nearest city: Oxford

V4986 • Hardback • 25x25cm • £45 • 224 pages • 330 pictures • ISBN: 978-1-845849-86-3 • UPC: 6-36847-04986-7

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