Seven new Veloce Classic Reprints

17th July 2017
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Seven new Veloce Classic reprints!

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The Triumph Tiger Cub Bible by Mike Estall

Back in print!
The full history of the popular Triumph Tiger Cub motorcycle. This ultimate reference source book covers every aspect of these machines, including 22 detailed model profiles, delivery details, technical design specifications, military, police and competition bikes, plus the full story behind the model’s production run.

Now back in print after a long absence, this Classic Reprint from Veloce is a must have for all Triumph Tiger Cub owners and enthusiasts.

ISBN: 9781787111271
UPC: 6-36847-01127-7


£50, $80

  • The book of the Triumph Tiger Cub
  • Back in print due to popular demand!

Mike Estall bought his first Tiger Cub in 1956. Since then he has completed a succession of restoration projects (mostly Tiger Cubs or Terriers) and has researched and collected a vast amount of technical information on these postwar lightweights. He now runs the Tiger Cub and Terrier Register and a worldwide information service for Cub & Terrier owners. Mike now lives in Staffordshire, England.

Hometown: Shenstone • Nearest city: Birmingham

V5127 • Hardback • 25x20.7cm • £50 • 208 pages • pictures • ISBN: 978-1-787111-27-1 • UPC: 6-36847-01127-7
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Ford GT – Then and Now

Available again!
This book provides a different view of the Ford GT legend, featuring driver interviews, and both historical and new photographic records. Some of the old myths and legends of the racetrack have been revisited, Ford GT drivers have been given their place on the roll of honour, and their opponents on the racing track are also discussed. With details of the Ford GT replica industry, this book is an historical and interesting record of this classic car, and a must for all GT enthusiasts.

ISBN: 9781787111264
UPC: 6-36847-01126-0


£45, $70

  • A celebration of the first and second generation Ford GTs
  • Back after several year's absence!

Adrian Streather was born on Christmas Day 1958 in Basingstoke, England, but is an Australian citizen. Adrian, a less than successful racing driver of Ford Escorts many years ago, has friends who actually drove the original Ford GT in competition. Listening to their stories created the desire to write about the Ford GT. However, it was driving the new Ford GT on a European road trip which really inspired this book. Adrian is a prolific automotive author, but this is his first book on the Ford GT.

Place of birth: Basingstoke, Great Britain • Nearest city: Adelaide

V5126 • Hardback • 24.6x24.6cm • £45 • 240 pages • 491 colour and b&w pictures • ISBN: 978-1-787111-26-4 • UPC: 6-36847-01126-0
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SM – Citroen’s Maserati-engined Supercar

Available again after several years absence!
This is the fascinating story of how Citroen’s flagship model, the SM, came into being. The book follows the car’s progress from its world premier at the 1970 Geneva Show until the final production models were built in July 1975, and covers both company politics and Maserati‘s involvement in detail. Heavily illustrated with colour and period black and white photographs, brochures and illustrations, this book is the definitive international history of a fascinating and quirky twentieth century automotive icon.

ISBN: 9781787111257
UPC: 6-36847-01125-3


£45, $70

  • The definitive history of Citroën’s Maserati-engined supercar

Born in Coventry, the heart of Britain's motor industry, Brian comes from a family with a proud heritage in the automotive and aviation fields. He trained as a mechanical engineer, and worked for a time at his father's garage. Brian became heavily involved in the classic car scene at 19, and says he turned to writing by accident. He now writes full-time and, since 1990, when his first book was released, he has had over 70 titles published. Brian and his wife, Miho, have two children, Louis and Sophie-Mercedes. They currently live in Chiba, close to Tokyo, where they can enjoy life with Thoroughbred horses.

Place of birth: Coventry, UK • Nearest city: Chiba

Philippe Claverol is a French enthusiast, currently residing in Paris. As a Citroen executive, having been President of Citroen Japan and Citroen Czechoslovakia, Philippe naturally has strong links with the factory, but his love of the automobile spurred him on to undertake this project – his first book – in his spare time.

V5125 • Hardback • 24.6x24.6cm • £45 • 224 pages • 270 pictures • ISBN: 978-1-787111-25-7 • UPC: 6-36847-01125-3
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Autodrome – The lost race circuits of Europe

Available again after many years!
Around Europe lie a number of long forgotten monuments, windswept and abandoned, the derelict buildings and crumbling tarmac are all that remain of once great motor racing circuits. From the great speed-bowls of Monza and Brooklands, to the parkland of Crystal Palace, this evocative book features both historical pictures, as well as stunning contemporary photography of the circuits as they are now.
ISBN: 9781787111295
UPC: 6-36847-01129-1


£45, $70

  • Available again after many years!
  • A nostalgic look at Europe's 'lost' motor racing venues in their heydays ... and as they are today ...
  • Stunning original photography of every circuit by new name Gavin D. Ireland
  • Track diagrams show the evolution of the circuits
  • Many period photographs and period memorabilia illustrations such as programme covers/event posters
  • Haunting images capture the spirit of forgotten venues
  • Many of the ‘lost' circuits are under threat: the book includes details of campaigns to save them
  • A truly beautiful book

After dropping out of a degree in Automotive and Motorsport engineering, Londoner, S.S. Collins went on a mission to write a clear and easy-to-use guide to getting started in motorsport (How to Get started in Motorsport - Veloce). Currently Collins is working in the commercial section of the voice of British Motorsport that is the weekly newspaper Motorsport News. Collins is also a regular on entry lists as he competes in sprints, hillclimbs, races, rallies and trials.

Gavin Ireland is an award-winning photographer with a passion for endurance racing and the romantic past of motorsport, as shown by his stunning photography for the books Autodrome, Speedway and Le Mans Panoramic, all published by Veloce. Gavin has photographed the 24 Hours of Le Mans six times, and was the first photographer to shoot a major motorsport event using panoramic photography. He won the Renault/MSA Young Photographer of the Year award in 2005, and his photography was selected for the 'Concours Sarthe Endurance Photos' exhibition at Le Mans in 2012.

V5129 • Hardback • 24.6x24.6cm • £45 • 176 pages • 200 pictures • ISBN: 978-1-787111-29-5 • UPC: 6-36847-01129-1
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Mercedes-Benz SL & SLC – 107-series 1971 to 1989

Available again after a long absence!
It’s hard to believe, but the 107-series Mercedes-Benz SL was launched almost 50 years ago. However, its timeless styling has kept it fresh and attractive in the eyes of a new generation of enthusiasts, as well as those going back to the car having owned one when they were still in dealerships. The availability of the practical SLC (an extended, four-seater fixed-head coupé version), simply adds to the desirability of these classic German machines. A combination of superb original design, peerless engineering and build quality has ensured that many of these cars can still be seen in regular use today.

Covering the SL and SLC’s ever-changing specification, race and rally record – and its presence in many of the world’s major markets – is a huge task, but it’s all presented here in definitive detail, along with stunning contemporary photography.

Reissued as part of Veloce’s Classic Reprint series, this volume will readily grace any reference library shelf or connoisseur’s coffee table.

ISBN: 9781787111301
UPC: 6-36847-01130-7


£40, $60

  • Stunning contemporary photography, mostly in colour
  • Year-by-year coverage of all the road cars
  • Detailed vehicle profiles for authenticity
  • Competition exploits covered in detail
  • World markets reviewed to give a true picture of the cars available
  • Full co-operation from the factory
  • Written by a long-term SL/SLC owner, enthusiast and highly-regarded motoring historian Brian Long
  • Detailed appendices
  • Available again: out of print since 2015!

Born in Coventry, once the heart of the British motor industry, Brian Long is a professional historian with a passion for classic and sporting machinery. A trained mechanical engineer and a long-term owner of both an SL and SLC, he has had a strong connection with Daimler-Benz products for over two decades.

Married to Miho and with two children (Louis and Sophie-Mercedes), Brian now lives just outside Tokyo. He has over 70 books published, including many works on German marques.

Place of birth: Coventry, UK • Nearest city: Chiba

V5130 • Hardback • 24.6x24.6cm • £40 • 208 pages • 355 colour and b&w pictures • ISBN: 978-1-787111-30-1 • UPC: 6-36847-01130-7
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Lancia 037 – The development & rally history of a World Champion

Available again after a long absence!
In the late 1970s, the problem facing any manufacturer taking part in the World Rally Championship was that the rules kept being changed at short notice. This book looks at the solutions found for Lancia’s rally car, the 037, and takes the reader through the new rules that all potential contenders would have to consider if they wanted to win rallies at World Championship level.

Lancia’s rally car was developed quickly to deal with the then-dominant Audi Quattro. The reasons it succeeded are featured here, along with an in-depth, behind-closed-doors look at the development of the car, with the close help and co-operation of its designer and chief engineer, Ing. Sergio Limone.

Here you can read how Limone decided on the basic configuration of the car, what the rules would allow, and how the project unfolded in total secret at Fiat’s various test tracks and centres in and around Turin, overlaid with rumour and counter-rumour as the world’s motoring press tried to make sense of what little knowledge it had of the project’s progress.

In addition, Ing. Limone’s own photographs from areas never accessed by the public tell their own story. The focus then moves to the world of top-level rallying, with all the associated glory and headaches. Accompanied by stunning photography and insights from team members, we follow the small and nimble 037s, as the cars have become popularly known, as they head out to take the World Rally Championship for Makes in 1983 and innumerable wins throughout the world. In addition, there are tests of various key examples of the cars, and appendices of events and chassis used. This book is illustrated with 250 stunning and rare rally action photos.

ISBN: 9781787111288
UPC: 6-36847-01128-4


£45, $70

  • Available again, due to public demand
  • A Veloce Classic reprint
  • The definitive story of a great rally car.
  • Winner World Rally Championship for Makes in 1983

Co-founder and Editor-at-Large of Auto Italia magazine in the UK in 1994, Peter Collins' enthusiasm for Italian motorsport emanated from Le Mans 1967 as a Ferrari supporter. He has subsequently become intimately involved in the total Italian motoring scene, both with the cars and the people.

Peter has now published several books with Veloce, including books about the Lancia Delta Integrale, Alfa Romeo Tipo 33, Ferrari 312P, and British Touring Car Racing. He was honoured to be asked to write this book by Ing. Sergio Limone, designer and chief engineer of the Lancia 037.

Place of birth: London • Hometown: Bromley • Nearest city: London

V5128 • Hardback • 24.6x24.6cm • £45 • 224 pages • 343 colour and b&w pictures • ISBN: 978-1-787111-28-8 • UPC: 6-36847-01128-4
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Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 – The development and racing history

Available again after a long absence!
At the time, little was recorded about the activities of Alfa Romeo’s World Championship-winning Sports Racing car, the Tipo 33. The model had a long career, as a factory car as well as in private hands from 1967 until 1977.
The great Italian motor sport engineer Carlo Chiti designed and ran a prolific number of different models of this Tipo. Unfortunately nothing of the history of these developments was documented at the time, but the authors have managed, after intense investigation and numerous personal interviews, to uncover much about this marvellous sports prototype. The fruits of their labours abound, manifesting as many previously unseen photographs and the personal recollections of the prime movers in the Tipo 33 ’s career. If you like Alfas, you'll love this book.

ISBN: 9781787111318
UPC: 6-36847-01131-4


£45, $70

  • Available again after a long absence!
  • First book on these important sports cars of 60s & 70s
  • Complete history of all the events, never previously appeared in print
  • Details of all the drivers of Alfa T33
  • History of each model including development
  • Chassis histories-list of all chassis where known
  • Interviews with key period personalities
  • Significant proportion of previously unseen photographs
  • Live track tests of original cars driven by and photographed by the authors
  • T-33-based Concept Car analysis

Born in London, Peter Collins has been a motoring writer and photographer for over 20 years. He has a lifelong interest in motorsport and racing history, and has been attending events worldwide since 1965. Co-founder and now editor-at-large of magazine Auto Italia, he also contributes to other European and American publications and websites, and has recently become European editor of website Retrospeed.

Peter lives in south London with his wife, Liz, and cat, Teddy. He travels extensively throughout the year, covering motoring events of all disciplines and maintaining his close ties.

His other books published with Veloce include The Alfa Romeo 155, 156 and 147, Ferrari 312P & 312PB, the Lancia 037, and the Lancia Delta Integrale.

Place of birth: London • Hometown: Bromley • Nearest city: London

Ed McDonough was born in the USA but has lived in the UK and France for many years. He has raced saloons, sports cars and single-seaters from the late 1950s, and took part in the World Championship Sports car Races in the 1970s at a time when the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33s were competing. He was UK Chairman of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club for 10 years, and was European Editor of Vintage Racecar Journal, as well as contributing to Autocollezioni , Auto Italia, Porsche Post and other journals. Ed still competes in historic races and is Track Tester for online motoring magazine Retro-Speed, specialising in some of the rarest and most exotic historic racing cars.

V5131 • Hardback • 24.6x24.6cm • £45 • 224 pages • 412 colour pictures • ISBN: 978-1-787111-31-8 • UPC: 6-36847-01131-4
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