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January 17, 2017
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Competition Car Aerodynamics 3rd Edition

Competition Car Aerodynamics 3rd Edition

By Simon McBeath
About the Author

23.3x16.9cm • 320 pages • 316 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845847-76-0

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• Comprehensive yet comprehensible, and extensively illustrated
• Unique use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and wind tunnel resources
• Down to earth explanations of how aerodynamic performance benefits are obtained
• Tackles relevant theory with an easy-to-read style
• Examines all the key motorsport aerodynamic devices one by one
• Emphasises how an integrated, balanced aerodynamic package is key to performance
• Incorporates fascinating case studies, from Formula 1 to club racers
• 3rd edition includes new CFD and wind tunnel examples
• Features many projects from Racecar Engineering’s successful Aerobytes series
• Recommended reading for designers, competitors, students and armchair enthusiasts!


The comprehensive, comprehensible guide to the aerodynamics of motorsport.

From historical background to state of the art techniques, and with chapters covering airdams, splitters, spoilers, wings, underbodies and myriad miscellaneous devices, Competition Car Aerodynamics 3rd Edition also features in-depth case studies from across the motorsport spectrum to help develop a comprehensive understanding of the subject.


Aerodynamics has become an increasingly significant performance enhancer over the past 50 years. Competition Car Aerodynamics 3rd Edition continues the practical, hands-on approach of its popular predecessors to cover all aspects of motorsport aerodynamics and features yet more CFD and wind tunnel project material and case studies.
Aerodynamic theory is tackled in a comprehensive yet comprehensible way by author Simon McBeath, who has been granted unprecedented access to state of the art computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques, as well as regular access to the MIRA full-scale wind tunnel in the UK. Photographs, graphs, CFD-generated images and wind tunnel data – much of which has appeared in the successful Aerobytes series in Racecar Engineering – are used to explain with unrivalled clarity how aerodynamic performance benefits are obtained in practice. With case studies from Formula 1, sports prototypes, Formula 3, GT and saloon cars, club single seaters and karts, this book will appeal to anyone, whether a designer, competitor, student or armchair enthusiast, wishing to gain an understanding of aerodynamics and how it can benefit the performance of all types of competition cars.

Independent Reviews

In short, this is the most comprehensive, comprehensible guide to automotive aerodynamics that you’re likely to find.
Japanese Peformance

An indispensable and comprehensive guide to the black art of aerodynamics ... essential reading for designers, competitors, trackday fiends and armchair enthusiasts, alike.
tkc (Total Kit Car)

Extremely readable ... profusely illustrated ... If you need the best possible guide to vehicle dynamics applied over the whole spectrum of competition cars ... you need look no further than this book.

Well worth while having on the shelf for ready reference ... full of comprehensive photographs and diagrams simplifying even the most difficult bits.
Motor Cycling Club (MCC)

Wow ... [the book] has weight, the design lends it gravitas, and on flicking through the pages [...] there were lots of impressive looking diagrams ... authoritative, and well worth a read for those who want to understand the why when looking at the latest aerodynamic designs in motorsport.

Additional Information

Good aerodynamic performance makes the difference between winning and losing in many categories of motorsport – and knowledge is power.

Competition Car Aerodynamics delivers knowledge through practical examples and easily digested theory combined, providing unrivalled clarity on the subject.

With Foreword by highly experienced Formula 1 aerodynamicist Willem Toet, this book features state-of-the-art CFD graphic imagery and
many photos and examples from wind tunnel trials, combined with the author’s renowned easy to read style.


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