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May 30, 2017
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MGB Electrical Systems – The Essential Manual (Updated & Revised Edition)

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MGB Electrical Systems – Updated & Revised New Edition ebook

MGB Electrical Systems – The Essential Manual (Updated & Revised Edition)

By Rick Astley
About the Author

Paperback • 27x20.7cm • 192 pages • 324 mostly colour illustrations

ISBN: 978-1-845842-29-1

£ 40.00 + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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• A ‘why” as well as well as ‘how to’ book
• Separate and coloured coded circuit diagrams
• Hundreds of original photographs
• Scores of original diagrams
• Each system treated separately
• Based on real MGB repair and modification experience
• Lots of suggested modifications for improved electrical performance
• Suggested alternatives for unavailable or very expensive spares
• Easy to understand basic electrical theory
• Original information never previously published


Even those MGB owners with no previous electrical knowledge or skills will find this book invaluable. Its step by step introduction to basic car electrical theory and its explanation of how each MGB system works, the clear and simple colour diagrams and easy fault finding guides will make everyone and expert.


This book is essential reading for every MGB enthusiast. The mechanical aspects and the restoration of the vehicle have been written about in numerous publications but the so often maligned electrical systems has never before been comprehensively covered. For those new to vehicle electrical systems the book provides a simple primer using mechanical analogies. Each system in the car has its own chapter, with simple and uncluttered circuit diagrams in which each wire can be seen in its real colours. More than a how-to-do guide, the book also explains the why  of each system and procedure, aiding diagnostics when things don t go quite as they should. The many fault finding guides help pin those elusive problems down. For those wishing to improve the car for reliability and safety.

Independent Reviews

[T]his book has saved my bacon on electrical issues, especially while out on the road. Having this little beauty at hand really saves a lot of time when diagnosing why the stupid (censored) brake lights aren't working!
MGB Driver

This really is the ‘Bible' of MGB electrics and don’t think for one minute that this is just a book for restorers. If you own an MGB, you should have a copy of this on your bookshelf ... This is an excellent book, and if you want to know all there is to know about MGB battery charging, ignition systems, relays, fuel pumps, wipers, instruments and lighting, then it's all right here. Highly recommended.
Classic Performance & Retro

Concise and non-patronising (unlike some other similar works), and it probably warrants the 'Essential Manual' tag. The many diagrams are also relatively easy to follow for the less techy among us ... At £40, it isn't exactly cheap for a workshop manual but you may well save that and more by following its lead.

Electrics are often viewed as something of a black art by restorers but the text here is clear, insightful and easy to follow. The gen on fault-finding is particularly useful.


"With clear, instructional text and plenty of illustrations and diagrams throughout, this book is commendably easy to follow and a boon to any MGB owner with something of a hands-on approach." - Classic Car Mart

"This book would certainly seem to be essential reading for every MGB owner as it comprehensively covers every electrical system in the four-cylinder cars. More than just a 'how to' book, it also explains a lot of the theory behind the practice. As well as comprehensive wiring diagrams and full-colour illustrations the book offers helpful advice on improving the electrical systems and replacements for unavailable or expensive parts. All B fans need a copy." – Classics Monthly

"This extensive, full-colour step-by-step guide covers charging, ignition systems, relays, fuel pumps, wipers, instruments and lighting in great depth." – Classic & Sports Car

"Colour-coded circuit diagrams and hundreds of original photos make it easy to use, and handy advice comes in the form of suggested alternatives for unavailable or expensive repairs and plenty of ideas for improved electrical performance." – Retro Cars Magazine

"The detail is so great and clearly written, that anyone should be able to work through most of their electrical problems and finally let those tired old Lucas jokes be put to rest. If you have a holiday wishlist to fill out, I would make sure that Rick's new book is at the top of it." – MGB Driver

"If you are restoring an MGB or feel the need to improve or modify its wiring, this is the book to buy." – Classic Car Weekly

"The subtitle of the book is 'Your colour illustrated guide to understanding, repairing and improving the MGB’s electrical systems and components.' That about sums it up, because you couldn’t ask for a more complete and easy to follow manual ... this is a book that belongs on every serious MGB owner’s shelf." – Keystone Region MG Club for MG Gazette

"A lot more comprehensive than your average manual." – Hemmings Sports & Exotic


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