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January 20, 2017
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Ford GT – Then, and Now

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Ford GT – Then, and Now

By Adrian Streather
About the Author

Hardback • 240 pages • 250mm x 250mm • over 490 colour and mono pictures

ISBN: 9781845840549

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Complete historical review of the origins of Ford’s involvement in motor racing through to the end of its involvement with the Ford GT program. All and variations in the program are explained including the customer racing car program and the road car program.
How and why the original Ford GT plan was developed and how Ferrari played a significant role.
All the different original Ford GT versions both road and race explained as they were developed in the various years of the program.
The major racing history of the original Ford GT is laid out in great detail.
.The minor racing history of the original Ford GT is also laid out in great detail from Silverstone to South Africa and even Angola.
The personalities of motor racing in the 1960s along with their many exploits are covered in some detail. Many driver anecdotes and stories included.
The birth and development of the new Ford GT is explained in detail often using the original Ford GT as a comparison.
Driving the new Ford GT and GTX1 is covered along with road testing in the UK and on a Pan European road trip.
How the Ford GT replica industry kept the Ford GT legend alive.
Photographs and individual stories of many of the original Ford GT survivors detailed.


Starting in 1956 when Ford officially entered motor racing, this book takes the reader on a journey of how and why things happened the way they did. Who were the personalities behind the all the different Ford GT development programs, old and new.


This book contains new information and a different view of the Ford GT legend. Driver’s have been interviewed. Never before seen historical and new photographic records have been included. Some of the old myths and legends have been revisited. The enemies of the Ford GT on the racing track have been included. The Ford GT replica industry gets its overdue day in the limelight. The stories of various original Ford GT survivors have been included, but most important of all, as many Ford GT drivers that could be found have been given their place on the Roll of Honour.

Independent Reviews

Review by Glen Smale for Vehicle Engineer magazine, September 2006

Streather has assembled a magnificent collection of period photographs, many rarely seen, as well as a wealth of modern photos showing the development of the new Ford GT. Through this comparative analysis, the author illustrates how much development work actually went into the creation of the new model.

This book is well presented and the photographic quality throughout is superb. Ford GT; Then and Now is a worthwhile acquisition and would grace the bookshelf of any motorsport enthusiast.

Review from Speedscene magazine, 2006

2006 is the 40th anniversary of the Ford GT40's first win at Le Mans, and in another of the sumptuously produced marque histories for which Veloce are renowned, Adrian Streather recounts the story and the racing record of these legendary cars. This is by no means the first, or indeed the most comprehensive GT40 history to be published, but it's certainly a worthwhile one as new photos have been found and new accounts, interviews and anecdotes unearthed. In fact the racing history is dealt with mainly in the first half of the book as the second half covers, in detail, not only Ford's production recreations of the car but the small industry that has been built around replicas of the Ford GT. Information on the whereabouts – or reconstruction – of original survivors complete a book that would be worth acquiring for it's superb production quality alone, and it's certainly one that GT40 enthusiasts will want to have on their shelves.

Review from 4 Small Wheels, August 2006

Here we have the story of the development and production of the new car along with a look back at the original racers. There are excellent photographs throughout, many of which are previously unpublished.

Excerpts from review by NEW ZEALAND CLASSIC CAR

This book certainly has many good points but is rather a mixed bag especially at its quite high cost. Author Streather starts off with some of the background to the GT40 and its variations (Mk IV, Mirage, etc) and then charts its race history and the many teams that raced these cars.

What’s good to see is that the book covers some of the more obscure events and less well-known drivers which gives it an extra level of interest. So we hear about the exploits of Eric Liddell, Paul Hawkins and Ed Nelson as well as the top factory drivers. And the photo selection & quality are very good indeed: plenty from Le Mans, but also from Kyalami, Mallory Park and Monza.

Not so great are the poor proof reading (drivers from Ginther to Matich get spelt wrong) , the constant reference to Henry Ford wanting to beat “those fast little red cars”, and the annoying way in which “Notes” in italics keep appearing in the middle of the text.

The next part on the new GT is rather a disappointment. It is interesting to see how different the dimensions of the new one are as they look so similar in photos. But, despite some good photos, it reads rather like an enthusiastic and extended car club magazine article.

Like Cobras and C-type Jaguars, the GT40 has been replicated by many people so it’s right that the book covers a few of these; and this includes David Harvey’s GT40NZ Ltd, whose coupe and barchetta are well illustrated. However, the text in this whole chapter reads as though it was taken straight from company web-sites or correspondence. For example, “The GTr460 is a hand-crafted sports car which fuses tradition with the highest calibre of automotive technology and offer electricifying performance and outstanding agility”. A bit OTT?

Last up, and again illustrated with very good ‘then and now’ photos, Streather tackles the difficult job of making sense of the history behind various individual cars,: their chassis plates, wrecks and rebuilds. Their increasing value must make it tempting to build more than one example out of some original parts! The author does pre-purchase inspections for Porsche buyers and quotes six categories he has developed; from Unrestored original, to Replica. Some of their stories of individual GT40s have got pretty tangled so this makes interesting reading. Overall, a good book, but one that could perhaps have been better.

From a club member who purchased a copy at Le Man Classic 7-9/7/06

You won't recall me but I am one of the many members who pestered you for a signed copy on Saturday!

I picked up the book at the start of our 6 hour ferry crossing back to the UK last night and could not put it down for the whole journey. I must say this is a really fantastic book. You have clearly worked immensely hard to bring it to this perfect standard. The whole layout and presentation is absolutely immaculate, making it a real joy to read.

I would like to wish you every success with the book - I am sure it will go down in history as the ultimate reference to this great marque.

I look forward to spending many long hours with my new companion !

Review excerpt from, July 2006

This new book by Adrian Streather contains new information and a different view of the Ford GT legend. Driver’s have been interviewed and never before seen historical and new photographic records have been included.

Some of the old myths and legends have been revisited. The Ford GT replica industry gets its overdue day in the limelight. The stories of various original Ford GT survivors have been included and the book includes a driver's Roll of Honour.

- Read the story of the original GT40s and their amazing racing record, plus the full story of Ford's new supercar version of the original.

- Complete racing history.

- Fascinating driver anecdotes and stories included.


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