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January 22, 2017
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Lancia Stratos (Rally Giants Series)

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Lancia Stratos ebook

Lancia Stratos (Rally Giants Series)
We have a limited number of copies with bookplates personally signed by Graham Robson! Request during checkout.

By Graham Robson
About the Author

Paperback • 128 pages • 131 colour and mono illustrations

ISBN: 9781845840419

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Full detailed history of each marques rally career
- Full detailed story of concept, design, development
- Unrivalled coverage of people and influences behind the cars
- Step by step coverage of technical evolution
- Description of cars, why, how and when evolved
- Description of principal people (managers, drivers, engineers) involved
- Many many pictures, not only of cars in action, but of details and people
- Comparison with rivals
- Complete listing of important successes
- Complete listing of ‘works’ xcars


This book describes the birth, development and rallying career of the Lancia Stratos, Europe’s very first purpose-built rally car, in the mid/late 1970s, providing a compact and authoritative history of where, when and how it became so important to the sport.

Independent Reviews

Review from Hemmings Sport & Exotic Car, December 2007

Graham Robson, himself a rallying expert, tells the Stratos' story, from its creation to the challenge of meeting homologation rules and perfecting its design. Excellent photography, both black-and-white and colour, follows the car's life from the 1972 prototype to a large number of exciting rally action photos on dirt, in mud and snow. 'Rally Giants: Lancia Stratos' is an excellent addition to Robson's Rally series, and is an exhaustive look at these famed race cars. Lancia fans and rally enthusiasts alike will enjoy this read.

Review from Old Stager magazine, May 2007

I constantly struggle to see the book that I'm looking for in the bookcase. So, I for am delighted to see that the new series of Rally Giants by Graham Robson all have matching grey spines with the name of the featured car clearly marked.

Three have already been released by Veloce Publishing and feature the MkI Escort, Subaru Impreza and the Lancia Stratos.

The books each describe the birth of each 'rally giant' and the author chronicles the development, politics, successes and failures of the cars. The style and format offers an easy read and the ability to dip into each book as and when.

There are plenty of excellent photos (both mono and colour) and sections covering the personalities that shaped the various cars' development as well as the star drivers.

The best news though is that Graham Robson is working on another dozen or so books to include the Austin-Healey 3000 through to the WRC Ford Focus – I can't wait!

Review from The Motor Cycling Club Ltd

It’s three for the price of one this time as I have been reading the Ford Escort Mk1, Subaru Impreza and Lancia Stratos in the Rally Giants series, written by Graham Robson and published by Veloce and thoroughly recommend all three volumes. Priced at £14.99, each has an interesting 8 x 8in format with about 125 pages containing lots of well chosen pictures, mostly in colour, so looks impressive enough for the coffee table, yet due to the author’s experience and attention to getting his facts right, must have a place in the serious enthusiast’s bookshelves, from whence they will frequently be taken as a source of reference.

What I really enjoyed most though is the way in which Graham has made a readable tale from what so easily could have been equally factual but totally boring. The author knew and worked in the rally world with the people and events he describes so brings out their characters and the behind the scenes action not always appreciated at the time.

Review by Pete Vack for, April 2007

There is probably no one better to write the story of the Lancia Stratos than Brit Graham Robson. The author of over 130 books, Robson also has had significant rally experience with Sunbeam and Triumph in the early 1960s (no, not a misprint) and has done considerable research on the Stratos, which he considers, along with the Healey 3000, his favorite rally cars. He has known Cesare Fiorio and Sandro Munari since the 1970s, and made extensive use of first person information about the creation, engineering and driving the Stratos.

“Lancia Stratos”, one of a series of “Rally Giant” books by Robson and Veloce Publishing, deftly and entertainingly tells the story of this landmark Lancia. Robson’s enthusiasm never waivers. “The first time I saw one, I fell in love with it,” he writes. “The first time I ever drove one, I would have sold my soul to the devil to become the owner.” Objectivity with great passion always make for good books.

Robson devotes much of the book to that birth and development of the Stratos, while the text is accompanied by both color and black and white photos. The second half of the book covers the considerable competition history of the Stratos, concentrating on the factory cars from 1974 to 1981. Robson chronicles the results of each year, providing insight regarding the use (or misuse) of drivers, including Swedish pilot Waldegärd, who was the proverbial square peg in the round hole.

There is an index and a list of the major victories achieved by the Stratos, a history of the British Checkered Flag Stratos, and a short chapter on Strato’s successors, particularly the 037. Robson's book is absolutely essential for Lancia and rally enthusiasts, and great for anyone interested in Italian cars in general.

Review by Mike R for Classics Monthly, April 2007

The complete history of the Lancia Stratos is covered within this informative book. Almost all the images are period shots, the majority in black and white and showing the Stratos doing what it did best – going sideways around muddy forest stages. The 037 also gets a mention.

Fans of the Stratos will enjoy this publication, which is affordable enough to buy and keep on the shelf for quick reference.

Review from New Zealand Classic Car, March 2007

This soft cover book has 124 pages and the whole series is authored by the knowledgeable Graham Robson.

Robson tells the full story, putting the cars in the context of the factory’s models that went before and those that came after. And it’s an honest telling, for these cars had faults and problems as well as great successes: often it was a constant problem that seemed to defy fixing, like the Lancia’s transmissions. Their homologation stories are enjoyable, both involving some imaginative counting as far as quantities and availability were concerned!

At least 14 more titles are promised: if they are as good as these two (Lancia & Escort), this will be an excellent series for all rally fans.

Review by Jack Romano for Viva Lancia! Magazine, February 2007

This is part of Veloce Publishing's ‘Rally Giants' series, and is written by senior journalist, erstwhile rally driver and historian Graham Robson. I'm a fan of Robson's work, and the book doesn't disappoint; it's well written, informative and full of anecdotes and asides, an easy and enjoyable read.

It's lavishly illustrated (some colour) and importantly puts the Stratos into context not only against its contemporary rivals, but also against the rally giants that preceded and followed it.

It's a good book, and good value.


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