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June 26, 2017
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Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster - Design & development

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Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster - Design & development

By Brian Long
About the Author

Hardback. 25 x 20.7cm. 176 Pages. circa 260 pictures.

ISBN: 9781904788294

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Written by the engineers and designers themselves.

Fascinating behind the scenes detail.
Rare prototype photographs.
Well over 200 pictures, many in colour.
A record of contemporary car development.
Every aspect of car design covered.
Year-by-year coverage of production models.
Details on the M2 cars.
Originally published in Japanese. Now available in English.


The development story of the world's favourite roadster written by the car's engineers and designers. A unique, behind the scenes look at how the MX-5 Miata was born....


This is the fascinating inside story of how Mazda made the world's favourite lightweight sports car. Candid text, written by the engineers and designers themselves, guide the reader through every stage of the vehicle's development, from original concept through to the production model that took the world by storm.

Independent Reviews

Review by Paul Guinness for Classic Car Mart, March 2006

There's no shortage of books available on the MX-5, but this recent effort from Veloce is a bit different. Written by Toshihiko Hirai and colleagues, it was originally a Japanese title, compiled and created by the engineers and designers behind the MX-5 project. It's little wonder then, that it is extraordinarily detailed throughout; it may even be the most authoritative MX-5 book currently available.

Despite comprising a hefty 176 pages, this hardback title covers only the 1989-97 Series I MX-5, which should give you an idea of just how detailed it is. And it's a fascinating story of triumph and determination.

What's unique about this book is the amazing behind-the-scenes tales from the people involved in the creation of the original MX-5, from their initial thoughts right through to production reality. Some of the proposed design sketches are fascinating, and the inspiration behind them even more so.

With whole chapters dedicated to Chassis Development, Computer Simulation, Powertrain Development and Product Design, no other MX-5 book we've come across is so impressive in terms of depth of research and sheer knowledge. It's not a cheap proposition at just under thirty pounds; but if you're a serious student of anything MX-5, this book should answer all your questions. And more.

Review by Hans-Georg Schmit for Model Auto Review, April 2005

This is the account of how the world's most popular sports car came into being. A team of dedicated designers and engineers boldly conceived a new lightweight sports car at a time when the traditional open roadster seemed doomed to extinction. Despite considerable opposition, the group tenaciously defended its concept of a light sports car in the spirit of a Midget or Sprite.

The fascinating, and often surprising, inside story of the MX-5 Miata's conception, design and production is told by individual members of the original team. We can follow its evolution, from first design sketches and clay models to early production cars.

Review from Classics, March 2005

Originally only available in Japanese this book was written by the designers and engineers of the MX-5 so naturally is packed full of photos and anecdotes.

It you're a fan of these modern classics then you'll love the attention to detail to be found throughout. From the pictures of prototypes to detailed technical drawings of individual components, and even chassis test data tables, this is a comprehensive and exhaustive read.

Review from Softtop Hardtop magazine, February 2005

Translated from Japanese, the book details the fascinating, and very often surprising, inside story of the Miata's conception, design and production as told by the individual members of the team.

It is an extraordinary account of how the world's most popular sportscar came into being. It tells how a team of dedicated engineers and designers boldly conceived the idea of a totally new lightweight sportscar at a time when the traditional open roadster seemed doomed to extinction.

Review from Banzai magazine, January 2005

A publishing first - the story of the design and development of the MX-5, the world's most successful sports car, written by the engineers and designers themselves. Originally this book was only available in Japanese but has since been translated. It offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse of the lengths manufacturers go to to ensure their products are right.

The book is filled with plenty of in-depth descriptions and technical images, and perfectly compliments Veloce's other MX-5 publications.


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