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From the earliest design studies, to the last of the air-cooled line, every model and iteration of this iconic car is covered, revealing the continuous process of evolution and impeccable build quality that has kept the 911 fresh for over 50 years. Limited edition cars, rare prototypes, and one-off specials are included, and all models are illustrated with over 1250 contemporary photos and illustrations, plus reproductions of advertising materials and brochures, making this the most comprehensive reference work on the air-cooled 911 available … truly the ULTIMATE book on the subject.

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Love cars? Love France? Yes? Then you’ll love this brand new book!

France: the essential guide for car enthusiasts – 200 things for the car enthusiast to see and do” is an invaluable companion for every trip through France.
Divided into five regions – Paris & the Île-de-France, Western France, Southern France, Central France & the Alps, and North-East France – each chapter contains a wealth of detailed information for the auto enthusiast. With sections on museums, classic and modern car shows, automobilia, buying car parts, historic and modern motorsport events, and race circuits.

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How would you like to win a truly unique, signed drawing by Graham Hull? Author of the recently-published book Inside the Rolls-Royce & Bentley Styling Department 1971-2001, Graham joined Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motors, Crewe, in 1971. He became chief stylist, responsible for both marques in the mid '80s, and was deeply involved in the spectacular rebirth of Bentley.

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Motorway Walks and Breaks (MoWaB) – More fun for you fuel!

Snappier, quicker, and revised and updated for all major platforms, Motorway Walks and Breaks is a fantastically useful App for anyone who drives on the motorways of the UK but likes a break from driving in healthy natural surroundings. And there's a FREE Lite version, too!

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Amédée Gordini - a true racing legend scoops major award at London's RAC Club on December 5th!

Congratulations to Roy Smith, for his book Amédée Gordini - a true racing legend, which came second in the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Award for the Montagu of Beaulieu Trophy at The Guild of Motoring Writers awards in London.

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Alpine Renault – the fabulous berlinettes
A limited edition of 1500 copies

By Roy Smith

For the first time, Alpine Renault enthusiasts around the world can read the complete history of these cars in English.

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Veloce launches MIKE BREWER'S WHEELER DEALER KNOW HOW! as an ebook at just £2.99 for just one week!

By Mike Brewer

Now available as an eBook – for just £2.99 for a limited period!

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Sir Stirling Moss accepts his personal copy of Amédée Gordini – a true racing legend

By Roy Smith

Roy Smith, the author of Amédée Gordini - a true racing legend, presents Sir Stirling Moss with a personal copy of his book.

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Mike Brewer Day at Veloce!

Celebrating the arrival of Mike Brewer's brand new book!

Yesterday, the staff at Veloce Publishing got 'Brewered' and were proud to celebrate the arrival of their brand new book, Mike Brewer's The Wheeler Dealer Know How!
At just £16.99 this brand new hardback book by Mike Brewer, cheeky chappie and TV's best-known car dealing expert – provides everything you need to know about buying, preparing, and selling collectable cars!

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BMW Café Racers

By Uli Cloesen

BMW café racers? You bet!
There have been many books published about BMW motorcycles, but until now none has covered the evolution of the BMW sportsbike to the BMW café racer. A marque not commonly associated with the café racer scene, the growing trend of custom BMW café conversions is illustrated in detail with stunning images of sporting, racing, and ‘caféd’ BMWs.

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Mercedes-Benz SL – R129 series 1989 to 2001

By Brian Long

It’s hard to believe, but the R129-series Mercedes-Benz SL was launched over 20 years ago. However, its timeless styling has kept it fresh and attractive in the eyes of a new generation of enthusiasts, as well as those returning to the car having owned one when they were still in the dealerships. A combination of superb original design and peerless engineering and build quality adds to the desirability of this series of classic German machines, and has ensured that many of these cars can still be seen in regular use today.

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Veloce Digital

The new site from Veloce Publishing Ltd

It’s common to carry hundreds of books around with you wherever you go, and to be able to access any of them at the tap of a finger.The world of publishing has taken this advance in technology in its stride, and why not? The advent of the eReader, smart phone and tablet has given added value to books in the form of video, sound, hot links and easy accessibility, as well as providing new life to previously out of print books.

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